Perfect Games

Only Perfect Games that have been submitted and Sanctioned are listed on this Page.

If you have bowled a Perfect Game and feel it should be listed on this page, please ensure that your local bowling association has submitted the appropriate paperwork to the office.

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NameDateBowling CenterProv
Andrew Dunn 2023-05-04 Plaza Bowl NL
Matt Wallace 2023-04-05 Merivale Bowling Centre ON
Ryan Reichert 2023-02-25 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Adam Weber 2023-01-28 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Parker Anderson 2022-12-12 Toppler Bowl AB
Bradly Tytgat 2022-11-06 Sherwood Bowl AB
Taylor Michel 2022-10-11 Galaxy Lanes NO
John McDonald 2022-10-11 Glencairn Bolodrome SK
Katie Wells 2022-09-09 Paradise Bowl NL
Ron Perry 2022-01-23 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mitch Davies 2022-02-20 Midtown Bowl (Timmins) ON
Doug Clark 2021-12-15 Glencairn Bolodrome SK
Mikayla Juricic 2021-11-06 Sherwood Bowl AB
Adam Weber 2021-11-04 Sherwood Bowl AB
Cole Walton 2021-11-03 Smithers Bowl BC
Randy Main 2021-10-10 Paradise Lanes AB
Timothy Sharp 2021-06-21 HJ's 5 Pin Bowling AB
Robbie Rodgers 2021-01-18 St. Pat's NL
Shawn Pellizari 2020-12-17 Pla-Mor Bowl ON
Taylor McCaw 2020-10-15 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Shane Chafe 2020-10-13 Holiday Lanes NL
Brandon Favel 2020-09-27 Mario's Bowl NO
Tyler Tytgat 2019-12-22 Sherwood Bowl AB
Eric Ridgeway 2019-12-13 Mountain Lanes ON
Jeff Forester 2019-12-12 Mountain Lanes ON
Jim Head 2019-12-02 Streetsville Bowl ON
Simon Hewitt 2019-11-12 Glencairn Bolodrome SK
Jeff Young 2019-10-29 Elmira Bowl ON
Connor Belbin 2019-10-10 Plaza Bowl NL
Al Paquette 2019-9-30 Mid Town Bowl NO
Halea Kohel 2019-04-28 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Cody Laycox 2019-04-06 Waterdown Lanes ON
Brett Wren 2019-03-21 Sherwood Bowl AB
Brett Sims 2019-03-19 Elmira Bowl ON
Bernie McMillan 2019-03-14 Park N Bowl ON
Jason Davidson-Thoms 2019-02-14 Mountain Lanes ON
Mike Bursic 2019-01-25 Nortown Lanes SK
Nick Janveau 2018-12-06 Merivale ON
Victor Fobert 2018-11-25 Sherwood Bowl AB
Michael Marciano 2018-10-24 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Palmer Hagen 2018-10-12 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Adrian Kiss 2018-06-01 SDQ Greber QC
Bradly Tytgat 2018-04-28 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Jeff Young 2018-04-16 Elmira Bowl ON
Matthew Leonard 2018-04-15 Orleans Bowling Centre ON
Cody Steere 2018-04-04 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Bob Beaucage 2018-02-25 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Brian Pye 2018-01-23 Ingersoll Lanes ON
Kelyanne Beauchamp 2018-01-15 Greber QC
Richard Clermont 2017-12-29 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Cody Steere 2017-12-20 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Jeremy Harasymcuk 2017-12-13 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Anthony Mucci 2017-12-13 Bayshore Lanes ON
Adrian Kiss 2017-11-20 Galaxy Bowl BC
David Phipps 2017-11-13 Victoria Bowl ON
Darcy Peesker 2017-11-08 South Hill Bowling Centre SK
Jordan Stang 2017-10-12 St. Albert Bowling Centre AB
Adam Brouwer 2017-10-06 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Anthony Streit 2017-09-18 Toppler Bowl AB
Adrian Kiss 2017-05-04 Galaxy Bowl BC
Darren Price 2017-04-20 Paradise Lanes AB
Mike Maloney 2017-04-12 Holiday Lanes NL
Don Salmond 2017-03-13 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Bradly Tytgat 2017-03-01 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Eric Villeneuve 2017-02-23 Paris QC
Freddie Tofflemire 2017-02-22 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Erik Kjos 2017-02-01 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Tim Dixon 2017-02-03 Pla-Mor Bowl ON
Adam Weber 2017-01-29 St. Albert Bowling Centre AB
Doug Clark 2017-01-23 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Danielle Peters 2017-01-04 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Erik Kjos 2016-11-05 Sherwood Bowl AB
Brett Mapstone 2016-11-01 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Larry Andrews 2016-10-13 Cariboo Bowl BC
Will Sutherland 2016-06-02 Golden Mile SK
Jenna Lamoureux 2016-05-16 Bowling Depot AB
Doug Clark 2016-04-11 Golden Mile SK
Daniel Taylor 2016-03-26 Mid Town Bowl NO
Gene Ziebarth 2016-03-03 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Jeremy Clothier 2016-02-28 Hypertension Escape BC
Jesse Bouchard 2016-02-21 St. Albert Bowling Centre AB
Jim Thorpe 2015-12-06 Fairmont Lanes ON
Mike Barrett 2015-11-11 Plaza Bowl NL
Michael Upshall 2015-11-04 Holiday Lanes NL
Taylor Michel 2015-10-06 Galaxy Lanes NO
Jen Baker 2015-09-09 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Tim Flack 2015-03-17 Glenmerry Bowl BC
Landon Batino 2015-03-15 Holiday Lanes NL
Jordan Schuetz 2014-11-08 Sherwood Bowl AB
Simone Leon 2014-09-29 Golden Mile Bowling Lanes SK
Iain MacRitchie 2014-04-19 Willowbrook Lanes BC
William Sutherland 2014-04-11 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Wade Thompson 2014-04-09 Skyview Lanes ON
Ryan Borne 2014-02-27 Nechako Lanes BC
Amanda Nichols 2014-02-03 Superior Bowladrome NO
John Byrne Jr. 2014-01-29 Plaza Bowl NL
Jack Mukli 2014-01-08 Minto Rec Centre SK
Tracy Smith 2013-04-23 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Karie Kreutz 2013-03-20 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Wayne Schultz 2013-03-16 Lincoln Lanes BC
Don Salmond 2013-01-14 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Jason Davidson Thoms 2012-11-27 Stellar Lanes ON
Ryan Reichert 2012-11-25 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Neil Felbel 2012-10-19 Mario's Bowl NO
Brayden Jensen 2012-10-07 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Nelson Frank 2012-09-16 Nortown Lanes SK
Sylvain Bercier 2012-04-12 Paris QC
Trevor Cook 2012-04-06 Thunderbird Bowl MB
Bob MacDonald 2012-04-05 Sherwood Centre ON
Peter Bartel 2012-03-22 Capri Valley Lanes BC
Dave Wendel 2012-02-29 Juniper Lanes BC
Kerry Sullivan 2012-01-19 Bowling Pin House SK
Kelly Woroniuk 2012-01-02 Georgetown Bowl ON
Mike Herbert 2011-11-20 Stellar Lanes ON
Brad Rusnak 2011-11-05 St James Lanes MB
Andrew Speers 2011-10-24 North Park Bowl ON
Ashton Gavel 2011-10-14 St Bernard's Bowing Centre NS
Barry Byrne 2011-10-12 Dickson Bowl ON
Wesley Swoluk 2011-10-05 Superior Bowladrome NO
Jenn Baker 2011-09-10 Callingwood Lanes AB
Stephane Lapensee 2011-03-14 West Park Lanes ON
Andre Rochefort 2011-01-25 CFB Halifax Bowlodrome NS
Dan Rattai 2011-01-20 Connaught Lanes AB
Rob Laperle 2010-12-20 Holiday Lanes AB
Gord Coulson 2010-12-15 Brechin Lanes BC
Joey Tate 2010-10-16 Echo Bowl ON
Jennifer Marshall 2010-10-13 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Yvonne Walker 2010-03-10 Lincoln Lanes BC
Jason Remmerswaal 2010-02-28 Buddha's Bowl NO
Tom Williams 2010-02-26 Garson Bowl NO
Eric Villeneuve 2010-02-09 Carrefour QC
Les Wahlund 2010-01-31 Nechako Lanes BC
Karie Kreutz 2010-01-24 Leduc Lanes AB
Francis Licup 2010-01-10 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Victoria Dacosta 2009-12-30 Old Orchard Lanes BC
Ben Barnes 2009-12-15 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Dustin Valin 2009-12-02 Juniper Lanes BC
Jason Kelly 2009-11-12 Paradise Lanes AB
Mike DiPietro 2009-10-22 Heritage Lanes AB
Kevin Joseph 2009-10-05 Victoria Bowling Centre ON
Jay Young 2009-06-04 Eastview Bowl NL
Ralph McGunigle 2009-04-22 Kobau Bowling Lanes BC
Brenda Walters 2009-04-09 Sherwood Centre ON
Chris Conley 2009-01-22 5th Avenue Bowladrome BC
Doug Craig 2008-12-19 Dell Lanes BC
Christian Duguay 2008-09-09 Carrefour QC
John Tizzard 2008-09-08 Holiday Lanes NL
Chase Desgroseilliers 2008-06-12 Mid Town Bowl NO
Barb Hamilton 2008-03-20 Sherwood Centre ON
Darryl Wood 2008-03-15 Galaxy Bowl BC
Tony Birmingham 2008-02-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
John Degrazia Jr 2008-02-24 Galaxy Lanes NO
Jason Jaskula 2008-02-11 North Park Bowl ON
Stephane Lapensee 2008-01-14 Merivale Bowling Centre ON
Ricky Williams 2008-01-09 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Wesley Payne 2008-01-06 Neb's Fun World ON
Darby Chrest 2007-10-15 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Jeremy MacKay 2007-09-26 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Trevor Cook 2007-09-13 Dakota Lanes MB
Mike McDonald 2007-04-17 Dickson Bowl ON
Ed Nakamoto 2007-03-04 Old Orchard Lanes BC
Brenda Tutchings 2007-02-26 Merivale Bowling Centre ON
Phil Foley 2007-02-23 Holiday Lanes NL
Gordon McCormick 2007-02-15 Bow Island AB
Chris Davy 2007-02-12 Valley Lanes BC
Erin Sollosy 2007-02-08 Bowling Pin House SK
Richard Schafer 2007-01-29 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Darren Bridge 2007-01-28 Holiday Bowl AB
Frank Cuda 2007-01-15 Eastside Lanes ON
Karie Kreutz 2007-01-13 Toppler Bowl AB
Mark Johnstone 2007-01-03 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mike McNiven 2006-12-04 Stryx Bowling Centre ON
Marc Madore 2006-11-23 Anik QC
Lynn Howell 2006-11-21 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mark Johnstone 2006-11-15 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Justin Sullivan 2006-10-30 Holiday Lanes NL
Robert Osborne 2006-10-20 Holiday Lanes NL
Michael Penkala 2006-10-12 Kingpin Centre NT
Curtis Kaplan 2006-10-11 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mark Kennedy 2006-10-10 Molesworth Lanes ON
Jerry Ryan 2006-09-22 Holiday Lanes NL
Kerry Sullivan 2006-09-13 Bowling Pin House SK
Ken Blacke 2006-09-02 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Paul Paquette 2006-05-02 Shearwater Lanes NS
Ervin McCurdy 2006-03-15 Centre Bowl NL
Roger Bleses 2006-03-12 Waterloo Lanes ON
Tim Pellin 2006-02-27 Victoria Bowl ON
Matt Schultz 2006-02-15 Callingwood Lanes AB
Kevin Hannaford 2005-12-20 Plaza Bowl NL
Matt Johnson 2005-12-11 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Jonathan Belair 2005-11-16 Mid Town Bowl NO
T J Carriere 2005-10-30 Fairmont Banff Springs AB
Guy Meilleur 2005-04-20 Northern Light Bowl NO
Larry Johnson 2005-03-20 Grandview Lanes BC
Jamie Biehn 2005-03-18 Kemway Lanes SK
Sean Smith 2005-03-16 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Darryl Dubuc 2005-03-08 Club Medd Bowl ON
Mike Warren 2005-03-06 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Mike Warren 2005-02-27 Hastings Bowl BC
Doug Wood 2005-02-17 Rossmere Lanes MB
Peter Blanchard 2005-02-12 Mid Town Bowl NO
Scott Thurston 2005-01-26 Holiday Lanes NL
Don Campbell 2005-01-12 Brechin Lanes BC
Brenda Luscombe 2004-12-12 Park N Bowl ON
Warren Plazzotta 2004-11-23 Garrison Lanes ON
Randy Earle 2004-10-27 Holiday Lanes NL
Darryl Osborne 2004-10-24 Bradford Bowl ON
Normand Desjardins 2004-10-21 Tri Town Bowling NO
Stephane Martineau 2004-10-21 SDQ Allard QC
Dave Pankoff 2004-10-04 Fleetway Bowling Centre ON
Reg Michaud 2004-10-03 Bonaventure Lanes NO
Ross Firlotte 2004-05-22 Galaxy Lanes NO
Randy Szucki 2004-05-07 Playdium Recreation ON
Bob Munn 2004-04-18 Broadway Lanes ON
William Sutherland 2004-04-14 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Grant Desroche 2004-03-31 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Andrew Pike 2004-02-15 Waterloo Lanes ON
Mark Jackson 2004-01-24 Callingwood Lanes AB
Dave Always 2004-01-21 Town & Country Lanes BC
Bill Drefko 2003-12-18 Borderline Bowl BC
Ron Short 2003-12-17 Avondale Bowl ON
Jeff Forester 2003-12-03 Sherwood Centre ON
Tony Redmond 2003-05-14 Holiday Lanes NL
Colin Smith 2003-04-16 Holiday Lanes NL
Dany Dubois 2003-03-31 SDQ Le Carrefour QC
Gary Ayles 2003-03-26 Bowlerama Rexdale ON
Michael Maloney 2003-03-12 Holiday Lanes NL
Karen Armstrong 2003-02-01 St James Lanes MB
Victor Fobert 2003-01-27 Red Deer Bowladrome AB
Curtis Heron 2003-01-26 Bowling Pin House SK
Marc Goulet 2003-01-21 Dickson Bowl ON
Kevin Dhaen 2003-01-12 Park N Bowl ON
Jeff Forester 2003-01-08 Sherwood Centre ON
Rick Lambke 2002-12-19 Presto ON
Russ Fullerton 2002-12-11 Glenmerry Bowl BC
Marc Goulet 2002-12-10 Dickson Bowl ON
John Gallant 2002-12-08 Sherwood Centre ON
Richard Forest 2002-12-02 Frontier Bowling Lanes SK
Scott Charette 2002-10-27 Stellar Lanes ON
Darcy Traxel 2002-10-15 Panorama Lanes AB
Derek Martin 2002-09-24 Bowlerama Bathurst ON
Connie Ward 2002-09-20 Stryx Bowling Centre ON
Cec MacAdams 2001-04-15 Galaxy Bowl BC
Bob Herman 2001-04-13 Galaxy Bowl BC
Hugh Hambleton 2001-04-12 Juniper Lanes BC
Josh Koehn 2001-04-11 Waterloo Lanes ON
James Isaac Sr 2001-03-29 Nicolanes BC
Jeff Heimpel 2001-03-28 Waterloo Lanes ON
Doug Hilts 2001-03-10 Town & Country Lanes BC
Scott Apel 2001-03-08 Dickson Bowl ON
Doug Clark 2001-03-08 Golden Mile Lanes SK
Shane Heasman 2001-02-19 Princeton Bowling Centre BC
Dave Jorgensen 2001-02-14 Eastview Bowl SK
Doug Forristall 2000-12-17 St Pat's NL
Tammy Salway 2000-12-05 Glenmerry Bowl BC
Chad Wilding 2000-12-05 Ingersoll Lanes ON
Al Closs 2000-11-11 Stellar Lanes ON
Warren Plazzotta 2000-11-07 Garrison Lanes ON
Stephen Walsh 2000-10-11 Holiday Lanes NL
Don Hlewka Jr 2000-09-28 Minto Bowl SK
Gene Ziebarth 2000-09-17 Golden Mile Lanes AB
Chris Godin 2000-05-14 Hamner Bowl & Billiards NO
Colleen Gleed 2000-05-01 Connaught Lanes AB
David Escott 2000-03-24 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Richard Gauthier 2000-03-13 Venture Lanes NO
Tim Baker 2000-02-09 Eastview Bowl SK
Kerry Sullivan 2000-02-03 Rak's Bowling Pin House SK
Deanne Elias 2000-01-25 Rossmere Lanes MB
Doug McCaw 2000-01-09 Bolorama Lanes SK
Preston Karoly 2000-01-06 Rak's Bowling Pin House SK
John Honeyford 1999-12-16 North End Bowl ON
Karen Armstrong 1999-12-14 Park Alleys MB
Steve MacDowall 1999-12-07 Dickson Bowl ON
Lew Birmingham 1999-10-22 Holiday Lanes NL
Dave Kitchen 1999-09-30 Grandview Lanes BC
Jim Telfer 1999-09-30 Plaza Bowl NO
Dot Way 1999-09-19 Clover Lanes BC
Dick Borgenstrom 1999-04-29 Grandview Lanes BC
Rob Tierney 1999-03-28 Grandview Lanes BC
Greg Peteraitis 1999-03-04 North End Bowl ON
Rick Bardal 1999-02-17 Glen Cairn Bowling Centre SK
Stephane Leduc 1999-02-14 SDQ Buckingham QC
Lyle Cutler 1999-02-14 Down Memory Lanes BC
Sean Blair 1999-01-31 Holiday Bowl AB
Paul Modahl 1999-01-29 Unchaga Lanes AB
Art Murray 1999-01-20 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Richie Beaulieu 1999-01-07 Hypertension Escape Lanes BC
Jason Procher 1999-01-03 North End Bowl ON
Gerry Thomas 1998-12-01 "J" Lanes BC
Chad Gagnon 1998-11-23 Notre Dame Bowl NO
Julien Chaisson 1998-11-20 Blinn's Bowl NS
Robert Jackson 1998-10-27 Club Medd Bowl ON
Rob Mouery 1998-10-03 Presto ON
James Mueller 1998-09-26 KG Bowl SK
Ken Blacke 1998-09-14 Valley Lanes BC
Gary Robins 1998-09-10 Kingsway Centre ON
Brian Hill 1998-04-06 Bowling Depot AB
Daniel Marchand 1998-03-24 Club Medd Bowl ON
Allan Gallant 1998-03-23 Brimley Bowl ON
Rudy Rumsey 1998-03-20 Holiday Lanes NL
Jim Mystyk 1998-03-11 Sherwood Centre ON
Steve Cummings 1998-03-05 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Zoltan Hartmann 1998-03-01 Bronx Bowl AB
Michael Penkala 1998-02-19 Polar Bowl NT
Joanne Walker 1998-02-14 Blinn's Bowling Lanes NS
James Bradshaw 1998-02-07 Leduc Lanes AB
Paul Shanahan 1997-11-26 Streetsville Bowl ON
Don Hlewka Jr 1997-11-20 Minto Bowl SK
Frank Murphy 1997-11-10 Garrison Lanes ON
Shawn Morris 1997-11-02 Stellar Lanes ON
Jay Fawcett 1997-10-25 Centre Bowl NL
Brian Garside 1997-10-18 Stellar Lanes ON
Gene Ziebarth 1997-10-11 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Trevor Hopwood 1997-09-18 Marcin Bowl ON
Dale Miller 1997-05-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Rene Fournier 1997-05-01 Whitewater Lanes NO
Roy Dunkley 1997-04-20 Rainbow Lanes ON
Stuart Thompson 1997-03-27 O'Connor Bowl ON
Matthew Innis 1997-03-20 Echo Bowl ON
Stew Vennard 1997-03-11 Dakota Lanes MB
Lynn Gifford 1997-03-07 O'Connor Bowl ON
Rudy Roga 1997-02-22 Waterloo Lanes ON
Laurie Sweeney 1997-02-16 Sherwood Park Bowl AB
Penny Noble 1997-02-02 Connaught Lanes AB
Cynthia Barge 1997-01-29 Smithers Bowl BC
Tracy Shipka 1997-01-27 Lac La Biche AB
Dan Robson 1997-01-07 Dakota Lanes MB
Ken Kelly 1997-01-06 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Mike Gauthier 1996-12-09 Baywood Bowl NO
Matthew Innis 1996-10-31 Echo Bowl ON
Judy Chandler 1996-10-29 Dickson Bowl ON
Brian Whalen 1996-10-25 Sherwood Centre ON
Shaun Butler 1996-10-17 Super Bowl NO
Bob MacDonald 1996-10-14 Bowlaway Lanes ON
Paul St Pierre 1996-10-01 Bowlerama Bathurst ON
Terry Smith 1996-06-27 Port Coquitlam BC
Shawn McGhie 1996-04-23 Garrison Lanes ON
Chester Wilk 1996-04-14 Echo Bowl ON
Vince Chartier 1996-03-20 Scona Bowl AB
Perry Gillam 1996-03-17 CFB Shearwater NS
Herman Wessels 1996-02-15 Brampton Bowl ON
Doug Gazley 1996-01-23 Rossmere Lanes MB
Ernie Bahsler 1996-01-15 Esterhazy Bowl SK
Russ Knelsen 1996-01-06 Downtown Bowl SK
Shawn Morris 1995-12-10 Markham Bowl ON
Jessica Mattinson 1995-12-04 West Park Lanes ON
Alvina Brettnell 1995-12-04 Toppler Bowl AB
Laurie Houston 1995-11-17 Valley Lanes BC
Robert Williams 1995-10-16 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Ken Schneider 1995-10-11 Rosslyn Bowl AB
Brian Edlund 1995-10-08 Valley Lanes BC
Wilf Kuss 1995-05-14 Clayburn Lanes AB
Bob Herman 1995-04-28 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Jim Thorpe 1995-04-23 Park and Bowl ON
Dave Borgford 1995-04-23 Clover Lanes BC
Harry Hawkshaw 1995-04-21 Presto ON
Bill Gagne 1995-04-01 Innisfair Bowling AB
Tom Stapleton 1995-03-27 Presto ON
Richard Francis 1995-03-19 Olympia Bowl ON
Lynn Howell 1995-03-15 Windsor Bowl AB
Mike Lacoursiere 1995-03-08 Windsor Bowl AB
Lloyd Wiens 1995-03-07 KG Bowl SK
Garry Hanowski 1995-03-01 Melville Bowl Arena SK
Clarence Lane 1995-02-21 St Martins Lanes NL
Jean-Guy Lessard 1995-01-30 Valley Bowl NO
Jonni Brooks 1995-01-29 Mike's Lanes Inc ON
Doug Potrebenko 1995-01-27 Fairview Bowl AB
Allen Arby 1995-01-05 Plains 5 Pin Bowl MB
David Ford 1994-12-09 Galaxy Lanes NO
Paula Girling 1994-11-27 Kingsway Centre ON
Bert Rachar 1994-11-26 Kempview Bowl ON
Donna Heidinger 1994-11-21 St Albert Bowling AB
Matt Dragun 1994-11-16 Sherwood Centre ON
Gordon Crewe 1994-10-25 Port Moody Lanes BC
Reg Anstey 1994-10-14 Holiday Lanes NL
Bill Roloson 1994-09-27 Garrison Lanes ON
Ken Norris 1994-05-15 Connaught Lanes AB
Harry Porter 1994-05-07 Juniper Lanes BC
Pamela Lutes 1994-04-27 Bowl O Rama Lanes ON
Roger Claude 1994-04-21 Anik QC
Gord Smith 1994-04-08 Kempview Bowl ON
Andre Petrin 1994-03-27 SDQ St Rene QC
Bill Belleville 1994-03-23 Garson Bowl NO
Michael Bates 1994-03-23 Sherwood Centre ON
Russel Baldwin 1994-03-13 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Ian Cameron 1994-03-06 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Malcolm MacDonald 1994-03-02 South Hill Bowling SK
Steve Wright 1994-02-13 South Hill Bowling SK
Rob Sousek 1994-01-23 Plaza Bowl NO
Brian Griffiths 1994-01-23 Wainwright Bowl AB
Byron Eldstrom 1994-01-19 South Hill Bowling SK
Brian McGillvray 1993-11-30 Aladdin Lanes ON
John Ahearn 1993-11-21 Acton Lanes ON
Bill Williams 1993-11-20 Plantation Bowl ON
Byron Eldstrom 1993-11-17 South Hill Bowling SK
Greg Peteraitis 1993-10-30 Stellar Lanes ON
Eric Rogers 1993-10-27 Winter Games Lanes NL
Tony Penney 1993-10-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Ray Chayka 1993-10-21 Mike's Midtown Bowl NO
Hugh Hambleton 1993-10-18 Juniper Lanes BC
David Stratychuk 1993-09-22 Minto Bowl SK
Marty Lamoure 1993-06-14 Chase Lanes BC
Doug McCaw 1993-06-05 Orleans Bowl SK
Carole Woods 1993-04-22 Totem Lanes BC
Stephanie Tuck 1993-04-18 Sherwood Centre ON
George Paiva 1993-04-01 Bowlerama ON
Robert Osborne 1993-03-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Dennis Sjoberg 1993-03-24 South Hill Bowling SK
Jack Smeed 1993-03-23 Connaught Lanes AB
Steve Sachs 1993-03-21 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Joanne Taylor 1993-03-15 Galaxy Lanes NO
Joe Kranabetter 1993-01-30 Galaxy Bowl BC
Steve Wight 1993-01-24 Bowlerama ON
Joe Wilson 1993-01-19 Grandview Lanes BC
Murray Bennewies 1992-12-19 Lucan Lanes ON
Rick Francis 1992-12-13 Arcade Eastown ON
Brad Peniuk 1992-11-29 Rossmere Lanes MB
Robin Stanton 1992-11-12 Holiday Bowl AB
Cec Brooks 1992-10-21 Melville SK
Steve Wright 1992-10-21 South Hill Bowling SK
Jim Ronaldson 1992-10-17 Olympic Lanes ON
Sharon Colbert 1992-10-14 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Gene Vickers 1992-10-12 Port Coquitlam BC
Pam Campbell 1992-04-25 Nechako Lanes BC
Bill Wickie 1992-04-24 Presto ON
Doug World 1992-04-11 Vanderhoof Rec BC
Hazel Eccleston 1992-04-08 Playtime Lanes NO
Marga Lafond 1992-03-25 South Hill Bowling SK
Roger Nantel 1992-03-22 SDQ Paris QC
Tom Kyle 1992-03-02 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Bruce Morter 1992-03-01 Paradise Lanes AB
Arnie Lamont 1992-02-28 Dell Sports Bowl BC
John Madden 1992-02-17 Crowsnest Bowl AB
Terry Jackson 1992-02-09 Edson Bowl AB
Axel Tappert 1992-01-22 Willowbrook Lanes BC
Bill Manley 1992-01-18 Dickson Bowl ON
Dennis Sjoberg 1992-01-11 South Hill Bowling SK
Terry Herman 1992-01-06 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Gaetan Beauchamp 1992-01-05 Buckingham QC
Jean-Pierre Saumure 1991-12-02 SDQ St Rene QC
Bill Lyon 1991-12-01 Ajax Bowl ON
Charlie Jamieson 1991-10-22 Mike's Midtown Bowl NO
Julius Papai 1991-10-05 Juniper Lanes BC
Brian Stonehouse 1991-10-01 Connaught Lanes AB
Etienne Cote 1991-09-25 SDQ Paris QC
Cam Heppner 1991-09-18 Galaxy Bowl BC
John O'Dwyer 1991-05-04 Candido Bowl ON
Stan Babiuk 1991-04-17 Parkland Lanes SK
Paul Boucher 1991-04-08 Brimley Bowl ON
Bob Herman 1991-04-01 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Durwin Noble 1991-03-28 Border Bowl AB
Dave Nelson 1991-03-16 Riverside Bowl AB
Denis Martel 1991-03-13 Orleans Bowl ON
Andy Heykants 1991-03-07 Red Deer Bowladrome AB
Bob Galer 1991-02-01 Dell Sports Bowl BC
Larry Lopushinsky 1991-01-30 Terrace Lanes BC
Greg Saunders 1990-12-12 Terrace Lanes BC
Dan Grant 1990-11-27 Superbowl SK
Harold Porter 1990-11-05 Juniper Lanes BC
Scott Berkeley 1990-11-03 Ace Recreation ON
Nelson Felardeau 1990-10-28 Eastside Lanes ON
Janice Childs 1990-09-13 Olympia Bowl ON
Alan Gorrie 1990-09-12 Galaxy Lanes NO
Hal Enman 1990-09-07 Lucky Strike Lanes BC
Gary Robins 1990-09-07 Kingsway Centre ON
Gail Matis 1990-07-21 Playdium ON
Colin Keir 1990-04-14 Paradise Lanes AB
Wayne Akers 1990-04-12 Prairie Lanes SK
Debbie Sandwith 1990-04-01 Grove Bowling Lanes AB
David Michael 1990-03-24 Country Bowl ON
Marion Miller 1990-03-18 Galaxy Bowl BC
Matt Dragun 1990-03-04 Waterdown Lanes ON
Doug Rowe 1990-02-25 Uxbridge Bowl ON
Doug Stack 1990-02-18 Chalmer's Lanes MB
Dave Urban 1990-02-11 Sherwood Lanes AB
Gill Park 1990-02-07 Lynnwood Bowl AB
Milan Kolosa 1990-01-26 Minto Bowl SK
Fred Anderson 1990-01-11 Parkland Bowl SK
Conway Bishop 1989-12-05 Kempview Bowl ON
Wayne Smith 1989-12-03 Markham Lanes ON
Jim Buhler 1989-11-18 Valley Lanes BC
Terry Blade 1989-11-12 Western Lanes AB
Bob Auberbach 1989-10-21 Camrose Bowladrome AB
Eric DeCou 1989-09-28 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Doug Connerty 1989-04-15 Gratton Lanes ON
Paul Davis 1989-04-06 Plaza Bowl NO
Rudy Roga 1989-04-02 Echo Bowl ON
Gaetan St Pierre 1989-03-22 Templeton QC
Colin Keir 1989-03-06 Centennial Bowlarama AB
Don Sim 1989-01-29 Centennial Bowlarama AB
Ron Gignac 1988-10-03 Presto ON
David Roeder 1988-03-14 Waterloo Lanes ON
Bob Wilson 1988-02-16 Claresholm Bowl AB
Dan Robson 1988-02-13 Rendez-Vous Lanes NO
John Vanhammen 1988-02-12 Ajax Bowl ON
Fred Mann 1987-12-21 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Luc Duguay 1987-12-20 Anik QC
Alain Lafreniere 1987-12-20 Anik QC
Jim Glandfield 1987-12-14 04-Lanes ON
Raymond Ohlsen Jr 1987-11-16 Lynnwood Bowl AB
Alvin Funk 1987-11-02 Deluxe Bowl MB
Myles Pollard 1987-10-23 Border Bowl AB
John Willock 1987-10-18 Lucky Strike Lanes ON
Shirley Chetcuti 1987-10-17 Park N Bowl ON
Lloyd Wiens 1987-10-12 KG Bowl SK
Robert Gracey 1987-10-09 Bowl-a-rama ON
Greg Koch 1987-04-17 KG Bowl SK
Greg Dobbie 1987-04-13 Edson Bowl AB
Phil O'Leary 1987-04-04 Queensway Bowl ON
Eric DeCou 1987-04-04 Willowbrook Lanes BC
Paul Davis 1987-03-19 Plaza Bowl NO
George Lund 1987-03-05 Polar Bowl NT
Murray Young 1987-03-02 Centennial Lanes AB
Gord Laverdure 1987-02-26 Capri Sports Bowl BC
Joe Desforge 1987-02-23 Northland Bowl NO
Gord Male 1987-02-22 Gratton Lanes ON
Bob Grieder 1987-02-04 Minnedosa Bowl MB
Linda Peet 1987-01-31 Edson Bowling & Billiards AB
Henry Gaulin 1987-01-25 Fort Bowling Lanes BC
Henry Williams 1987-01-18 Juniper Lanes BC
Royce Murray 1987-01-15 Garry Bowl Ltd MB
Chris Vollum 1987-01-04 04-Lanes ON
Bob Ogusuku 1986-12-21 Holiday Bowl AB
Alex Gordon 1986-12-21 Grandview Lanes BC
Stan Sutor 1986-12-16 Playtime Lanes NO
Donald Burke 1986-12-04 Basilica Rec Centre PE
Kip Smith 1986-11-22 Capri Sports Bowl BC
Steve Stasiuk 1986-11-22 Mosienko Lanes MB
Doug Wood 1986-11-16 St James Lanes MB
Connie Dreher 1986-11-05 Sherwood Centre ON
Tom Coleman 1986-11-04 St Pat's NL
Don Schmidt 1986-10-14 Sportman's Bowlerama ON
Rick Heinrich 1986-10-05 Bowlertime Sports BC
George Ridley 1986-09-24 Juniper Lanes BC
Jim Johnson 1986-09-18 Glen Cairn Bowling Centre SK
Jim Peycha 1986-04-19 Waterloo Lanes ON
Allan Snow 1986-03-28 Sherwood Centre ON
Stan McLeod 1986-03-27 Rendez-Vous Lanes NO
Colin Hicks 1986-02-16 Oshawa Lanes ON
John Matthews 1986-01-12 Windsor Lanes MB
William Abbott 1985-12-29 Holiday Lanes NL
Bernadette Braun 1985-11-29 Middlegate Lanes BC
Ken Oldridge 1985-11-19 Parkview ON
Isobel Harland 1985-10-24 Glen Cairn Bowling Centre SK
Jim Whyley 1985-10-23 Nipawin Bowl NO
Joe Mercer 1985-10-05 Holiday Lanes NL
Ken Sutton 1985-09-24 Dickson Bowl ON
Harry Neufeld 1985-09-20 Rossmere Lanes MB
Wayne Hutchinson 1985-09-18 "J" Lanes BC
Wendy Harding 1985-09-11 County Bowl ON
Herman Wessels 1985-05-25 Plaza Bowl - NL ON
Ian Wilson 1985-04-12 Bar Don Lanes ON
Hal Enman 1985-03-29 Lucky Strike Lanes BC
Don Gagnon 1985-03-23 Plaza Bowl NO
John Douglas 1985-02-21 Mike's Lanes ON
Russel Hunt 1985-02-20 Town & Country Lanes BC
Bud Ansara 1985-02-07 Pin Deck ON
Ryan Dolby 1985-02-07 Alder Lanes BC
Mike Durant 1985-01-26 Waterloo Lanes ON
John Sargeant 1984-12-11 Windsor Bowl AB
Ron Butler 1984-11-28 County Bowl ON
Perry Rockburn 1984-11-26 Ace Bowl ON
Edward Thomas 1984-11-10 Park Bowl NL
Bruce Morter 1984-10-03 Windsor Bowl AB
Murray Shantz 1984-09-18 Waterloo Lanes ON
Jack Belcourt 1984-09-11 Borderline Bowl BC
Doug Shanahan 1984-05-08 Village Bowl ON
Gord Young 1984-04-18 Okanagan Bowl BC
Ardy McClintick 1984-04-07 Showboat Lanes PE
Peter Baleka 1984-03-11 Playdium ON
Willie McCoshen 1984-03-01 Bowlerama SK
Daniel Thibeault 1984-01-31 SDQ Paris QC
Chris Bonany 1984-01-29 Eastview Bowl SK
Mickie Keeper 1984-01-15 Dell Lanes BC
Roy Kania 1984-01-09 Bronx Bowl AB
Brian Gagnon 1983-12-29 Plaza Bowl NO
John Willock 1983-12-11 Sherwood Centre ON
Peter Holmes 1983-11-20 Waterdown Lanes ON
Glen Erb 1983-10-27 Woodstock Bowlerama ON
Willie Lafontaine 1983-10-16 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Pat Weybourne 1983-10-16 Chillibowl Lanes BC
Rick Souliere 1983-10-14 Playdium ON
Brenda Crewe 1983-10-14 Dell Lanes BC
Theresa Stewart 1983-09-27 KG Bowl SK
Genny Lee 1983-07-01   NL
Don Sim 1983-05-26 Galaxy Lanes - NO AB
Henry Beaudry 1983-04-25 Plaza Bowl NO
Vera Lysne 1983-04-15 Town & Country Lanes BC
John Renouf 1983-04-10 Queensway Bowl ON
Kevin O'Leary 1983-03-13 St Pat's NL
Doug Wood 1983-03-11 Windsor Lanes MB
Sylvain Parent 1983-03-02 B B Amusement QC
Gord Male 1983-02-20 Gratton Lanes ON
Brian Kaye 1983-02-12 Queensway Bowl ON
Geoff Born 1983-02-10 Garry Lanes MB
Wayne Roy 1983-02-06 Plaza Bowl NO
Frank Melcher Jr 1983-01-10 Towne Bowl ON
Brian McGillvray 1983-01-05 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Doug Telfer 1982-12-23 Bowl-A-Rama ON
Kevin Carlson 1982-12-16 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Colin Keir 1982-12-15 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Paul Asselin 1982-12-12 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Bob Munn 1982-12-09 Bowl-A-Rama ON
Rene Lisan 1982-12-09 Garry Bowl Ltd MB
Stan Sutor 1982-11-02 Playtime Lanes NO
Wayne Grouhel 1982-11-01 Ladysmith Bowladrome BC
Millie Shearer 1982-10-28 Rossmere Lanes MB
Bill French 1982-10-25 Plaza Bowl NO
Gene Yacura 1982-10-12 University Lanes ON
Peter Muise 1982-10-03 Echo Bowl ON
Bart Boon 1982-04-28 Billy Mosienko Lanes MB
Tom Dixon 1982-04-22 Sportsman Bowling Centre ON
Al Meers 1982-04-22 Sportman's Centre ON
Fred Dowdy 1982-04-14 Alpine Lanes BC
Andy Rogan 1982-04-03 Windsor Lanes MB
Jerry Ash 1982-04-01 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Brian Goodhope 1982-03-29 Scona Lanes AB
Ingrid Wilkins 1982-03-20 04-Lanes ON
Kevin Tetlow 1982-03-11 Bolorama Ltd SK
Rita Chillak 1982-03-07 KG Bowl SK
Dean Olson 1982-03-02 5th Avenue Bowladrome BC
Jack Helm 1982-02-17 Camrose Bowladrome AB
Dave Andres 1982-02-15 Middlegate Lanes BC
Alex Moorehouse 1982-02-14 Centre Bowlarama ON
Keith Rissling 1982-02-07 Gros Park SK
Steve Barton 1982-01-31 Sherwood Centre ON
Jim Truckle Sr 1982-01-13 Trent Valley Lanes ON
Dave Kortje 1982-01-10 Gros Park SK
Gerry Ranger 1981-12-26 Alladin Lanes ON
Armando Andreoli 1981-12-08 Grandview Lanes BC
Dan Dawe 1981-11-09 Midtown Bowl ON
Maw Mori 1981-11-02 Ace Bowl ON
06-Croke 1981-09-27 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Larry Johnson 1981-09-18 Commodore Lanes BC
Ed Holland 1981-06-13 Bowl-a-rama Welland ON
David Cattanach 1981-04-21 Sportsman Bowlerama ON
Doug Mosdel 1981-04-21 Port Moody Lanes BC
Marg Bratkin 1981-04-10 Brampton Bowl ON
Gus Scaletta 1981-04-05 Uptown Lanes MB
Hank Hof 1981-03-28 Family Affair AB
Cec Landry 1981-03-26 A & W Bowling Lanes BC
Mike Cousineau 1981-03-25 Notre Dame Bowl NO
Bob King 1981-03-07 Dakota Lanes MB
Larry Pinkerton 1981-03-05 Grandview Lanes BC
Bill Todd 1981-01-29 Holiday Bowl AB
Dennis Day 1981-01-17 Nortown Lanes SK
Joyce Antoine 1981-01-11 KG Bowl SK
Lyle Cutler 1981-01-04 A & W Bowling Lanes BC
Ron McLellan 1980-12-15 Fiesta Lanes BC
Patrick Hogan 1980-11-30 Royal York Recreation ON
Gene Dauk 1980-10-24 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Jen Irvine 1980-10-05 KG Bowl SK
Bill Shadlock 1980-04-18   MB
Victor McBay 1980-04-03 Ancaster Lanes ON
Wayne Webb 1980-03-08 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Russ Hurcom 1980-01-20 Bathurst Bowlerama ON
Myrna Aucoin 1979-12-05 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Bob King 1979-11-25 Dakota Lanes MB
Michel Sigouin 1979-11-13 Danis Bowl QC
Marc Andre Potvin 1979-11-10 SDQ Templeton QC
Will Riley 1979-10-31 Olympia Bowl ON
Gord Male 1979-10-28 Gratton Lanes ON
David Giroux 1979-10-15   MB
Doug Oey 1979-09-13 Seafair Bowl BC
Charlene MacCormack 1979-06-17 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Dino Dalmaso 1979-05-23 Sherwood Lanes ON
Jim Glandfield 1979-05-05 London ON
Ian Wilson 1979-05-03 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Fred Mansell 1979-04-29   MB
Lloyd Omerod 1979-04-29 Sherwood Lanes ON
Dave Meloche 1979-03-18 Pladium Recreations ON
Dave Anderson 1979-03-01 Frontier Bowl SK
Henry Tratch 1978-12-18 Sherwood Lanes ON
Peter Pardaens 1978-11-30 Pin Deck ON
Gary Carveth 1978-09-18 Lakeview Bowl ON