Parties Parfaites

Seules les parties parfaites soumises et sanctionnnées seront affichées sur cette page.

Advenant que vous ayez joué une partie parfaite qui ne se retrouve pas dans les listes, veuillez vous assurer que votre association locale a soumis les formulaires appropriés au bureau national.

Perfect Games

Only Perfect Games that have been submitted and Sanctioned are listed on this Page.

If you have bowled a Perfect Game and feel it should be listed on this page, please ensure that your local bowling association has submitted the appropriate paperwork to the office.

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NameDateBowling CenterProv
Ron Perry 2022-01-23 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Doug Clark 2021-12-15 Glencairn Bolodrome SK
Mikayla Juricic 2021-11-06 Sherwood Bowl AB
Adam Weber 2021-11-04 Sherwood Bowl AB
Cole Walton 2021-11-03 Smithers Bowl BC
Randy Main 2021-10-10 Paradise Lanes AB
Timothy Sharp 2021-06-21 HJ's 5 Pin Bowling AB
Robbie Rodgers 2021-01-18 St. Pat's NL
Shawn Pellizari 2020-12-17 Pla-Mor Bowl ON
Taylor McCaw 2020-10-15 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Shane Chafe 2020-10-13 Holiday Lanes NL
Brandon Favel 2020-09-27 Mario's Bowl NO
Tyler Tytgat 2019-12-22 Sherwood Bowl AB
Eric Ridgeway 2019-12-13 Mountain Lanes ON
Jeff Forester 2019-12-12 Mountain Lanes ON
Jim Head 2019-12-02 Streetsville Bowl ON
Simon Hewitt 2019-11-12 Glencairn Bolodrome SK
Jeff Young 2019-10-29 Elmira Bowl ON
Connor Belbin 2019-10-10 Plaza Bowl NL
Al Paquette 2019-9-30 Mid Town Bowl NO
Halea Kohel 2019-04-28 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Cody Laycox 2019-04-06 Waterdown Lanes ON
Brett Wren 2019-03-21 Sherwood Bowl AB
Brett Sims 2019-03-19 Elmira Bowl ON
Bernie McMillan 2019-03-14 Park N Bowl ON
Jason Davidson-Thoms 2019-02-14 Mountain Lanes ON
Mike Bursic 2019-01-25 Nortown Lanes SK
Nick Janveau 2018-12-06 Merivale ON
Victor Fobert 2018-11-25 Sherwood Bowl AB
Michael Marciano 2018-10-24 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Palmer Hagen 2018-10-12 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Adrian Kiss 2018-06-01 SDQ Greber QC
Bradly Tytgat 2018-04-28 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Jeff Young 2018-04-16 Elmira Bowl ON
Matthew Leonard 2018-04-15 Orleans Bowling Centre ON
Cody Steere 2018-04-04 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Bob Beaucage 2018-02-25 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Brian Pye 2018-01-23 Ingersoll Lanes ON
Kelyanne Beauchamp 2018-01-15 Greber QC
Richard Clermont 2017-12-29 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Cody Steere 2017-12-20 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Jeremy Harasymcuk 2017-12-13 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Anthony Mucci 2017-12-13 Bayshore Lanes ON
Adrian Kiss 2017-11-20 Galaxy Bowl BC
David Phipps 2017-11-13 Victoria Bowl ON
Darcy Peesker 2017-11-08 South Hill Bowling Centre SK
Jordan Stang 2017-10-12 St. Albert Bowling Centre AB
Adam Brouwer 2017-10-06 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Anthony Streit 2017-09-18 Toppler Bowl AB
Adrian Kiss 2017-05-04 Galaxy Bowl BC
Darren Price 2017-04-20 Paradise Lanes AB
Mike Maloney 2017-04-12 Holiday Lanes NL
Don Salmond 2017-03-13 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Bradly Tytgat 2017-03-01 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Eric Villeneuve 2017-02-23 Paris QC
Freddie Tofflemire 2017-02-22 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Erik Kjos 2017-02-01 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Tim Dixon 2017-02-03 Pla-Mor Bowl ON
Adam Weber 2017-01-29 St. Albert Bowling Centre AB
Doug Clark 2017-01-23 Golden Mile Bowling Centre SK
Danielle Peters 2017-01-04 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Erik Kjos 2016-11-05 Sherwood Bowl AB
Brett Mapstone 2016-11-01 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Larry Andrews 2016-10-13 Cariboo Bowl BC
Will Sutherland 2016-06-02 Golden Mile SK
Jenna Lamoureux 2016-05-16 Bowling Depot AB
Doug Clark 2016-04-11 Golden Mile SK
Daniel Taylor 2016-03-26 Mid Town Bowl NO
Gene Ziebarth 2016-03-03 Bonnie Doon Bowling Lanes AB
Jeremy Clothier 2016-02-28 Hypertension Escape BC
Jesse Bouchard 2016-02-21 St. Albert Bowling Centre AB
Jim Thorpe 2015-12-06 Fairmont Lanes ON
Mike Barrett 2015-11-11 Plaza Bowl NL
Michael Upshall 2015-11-04 Holiday Lanes NL
Taylor Michel 2015-10-06 Galaxy Lanes NO
Jen Baker 2015-09-09 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Tim Flack 2015-03-17 Glenmerry Bowl BC
Landon Batino 2015-03-15 Holiday Lanes NL
Jordan Schuetz 2014-11-08 Sherwood Bowl AB
Simone Leon 2014-09-29 Golden Mile Bowling Lanes SK
Iain MacRitchie 2014-04-19 Willowbrook Lanes BC
William Sutherland 2014-04-11 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Wade Thompson 2014-04-09 Skyview Lanes ON
Ryan Borne 2014-02-27 Nechako Lanes BC
Amanda Nichols 2014-02-03 Superior Bowladrome NO
John Byrne Jr. 2014-01-29 Plaza Bowl NL
Jack Mukli 2014-01-08 Minto Rec Centre SK
Tracy Smith 2013-04-23 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Karie Kreutz 2013-03-20 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Wayne Schultz 2013-03-16 Lincoln Lanes BC
Don Salmond 2013-01-14 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Jason Davidson Thoms 2012-11-27 Stellar Lanes ON
Ryan Reichert 2012-11-25 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Neil Felbel 2012-10-19 Mario's Bowl NO
Brayden Jensen 2012-10-07 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Nelson Frank 2012-09-16 Nortown Lanes SK
Sylvain Bercier 2012-04-12 Paris QC
Trevor Cook 2012-04-06 Thunderbird Bowl MB
Bob MacDonald 2012-04-05 Sherwood Centre ON
Peter Bartel 2012-03-22 Capri Valley Lanes BC
Dave Wendel 2012-02-29 Juniper Lanes BC
Kerry Sullivan 2012-01-19 Bowling Pin House SK
Kelly Woroniuk 2012-01-02 Georgetown Bowl ON
Mike Herbert 2011-11-20 Stellar Lanes ON
Brad Rusnak 2011-11-05 St James Lanes MB
Andrew Speers 2011-10-24 North Park Bowl ON
Ashton Gavel 2011-10-14 St Bernard's Bowing Centre NS
Barry Byrne 2011-10-12 Dickson Bowl ON
Wesley Swoluk 2011-10-05 Superior Bowladrome NO
Jenn Baker 2011-09-10 Callingwood Lanes AB
Stephane Lapensee 2011-03-14 West Park Lanes ON
Andre Rochefort 2011-01-25 CFB Halifax Bowlodrome NS
Dan Rattai 2011-01-20 Connaught Lanes AB
Rob Laperle 2010-12-20 Holiday Lanes AB
Gord Coulson 2010-12-15 Brechin Lanes BC
Joey Tate 2010-10-16 Echo Bowl ON
Jennifer Marshall 2010-10-13 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Yvonne Walker 2010-03-10 Lincoln Lanes BC
Jason Remmerswaal 2010-02-28 Buddha's Bowl NO
Tom Williams 2010-02-26 Garson Bowl NO
Eric Villeneuve 2010-02-09 Carrefour QC
Les Wahlund 2010-01-31 Nechako Lanes BC
Karie Kreutz 2010-01-24 Leduc Lanes AB
Francis Licup 2010-01-10 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Victoria Dacosta 2009-12-30 Old Orchard Lanes BC
Ben Barnes 2009-12-15 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Dustin Valin 2009-12-02 Juniper Lanes BC
Jason Kelly 2009-11-12 Paradise Lanes AB
Mike DiPietro 2009-10-22 Heritage Lanes AB
Kevin Joseph 2009-10-05 Victoria Bowling Centre ON
Jay Young 2009-06-04 Eastview Bowl NL
Ralph McGunigle 2009-04-22 Kobau Bowling Lanes BC
Brenda Walters 2009-04-09 Sherwood Centre ON
Chris Conley 2009-01-22 5th Avenue Bowladrome BC
Doug Craig 2008-12-19 Dell Lanes BC
Christian Duguay 2008-09-09 Carrefour QC
John Tizzard 2008-09-08 Holiday Lanes NL
Chase Desgroseilliers 2008-06-12 Mid Town Bowl NO
Barb Hamilton 2008-03-20 Sherwood Centre ON
Darryl Wood 2008-03-15 Galaxy Bowl BC
Tony Birmingham 2008-02-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
John Degrazia Jr 2008-02-24 Galaxy Lanes NO
Jason Jaskula 2008-02-11 North Park Bowl ON
Stephane Lapensee 2008-01-14 Merivale Bowling Centre ON
Ricky Williams 2008-01-09 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Wesley Payne 2008-01-06 Neb's Fun World ON
Darby Chrest 2007-10-15 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Jeremy MacKay 2007-09-26 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Trevor Cook 2007-09-13 Dakota Lanes MB
Mike McDonald 2007-04-17 Dickson Bowl ON
Ed Nakamoto 2007-03-04 Old Orchard Lanes BC
Brenda Tutchings 2007-02-26 Merivale Bowling Centre ON
Phil Foley 2007-02-23 Holiday Lanes NL
Gordon McCormick 2007-02-15 Bow Island AB
Chris Davy 2007-02-12 Valley Lanes BC
Erin Sollosy 2007-02-08 Bowling Pin House SK
Richard Schafer 2007-01-29 Golden Mile Bowling Center SK
Darren Bridge 2007-01-28 Holiday Bowl AB
Frank Cuda 2007-01-15 Eastside Lanes ON
Karie Kreutz 2007-01-13 Toppler Bowl AB
Mark Johnstone 2007-01-03 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mike McNiven 2006-12-04 Stryx Bowling Centre ON
Marc Madore 2006-11-23 Anik QC
Lynn Howell 2006-11-21 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mark Johnstone 2006-11-15 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Justin Sullivan 2006-10-30 Holiday Lanes NL
Robert Osborne 2006-10-20 Holiday Lanes NL
Michael Penkala 2006-10-12 Kingpin Centre NT
Curtis Kaplan 2006-10-11 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Mark Kennedy 2006-10-10 Molesworth Lanes ON
Jerry Ryan 2006-09-22 Holiday Lanes NL
Kerry Sullivan 2006-09-13 Bowling Pin House SK
Ken Blacke 2006-09-02 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Paul Paquette 2006-05-02 Shearwater Lanes NS
Ervin McCurdy 2006-03-15 Centre Bowl NL
Roger Bleses 2006-03-12 Waterloo Lanes ON
Tim Pellin 2006-02-27 Victoria Bowl ON
Matt Schultz 2006-02-15 Callingwood Lanes AB
Kevin Hannaford 2005-12-20 Plaza Bowl NL
Matt Johnson 2005-12-11 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Jonathan Belair 2005-11-16 Mid Town Bowl NO
T J Carriere 2005-10-30 Fairmont Banff Springs AB
Guy Meilleur 2005-04-20 Northern Light Bowl NO
Larry Johnson 2005-03-20 Grandview Lanes BC
Jamie Biehn 2005-03-18 Kemway Lanes SK
Sean Smith 2005-03-16 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Darryl Dubuc 2005-03-08 Club Medd Bowl ON
Mike Warren 2005-03-06 Scottsdale Lanes BC
Mike Warren 2005-02-27 Hastings Bowl BC
Doug Wood 2005-02-17 Rossmere Lanes MB
Peter Blanchard 2005-02-12 Mid Town Bowl NO
Scott Thurston 2005-01-26 Holiday Lanes NL
Don Campbell 2005-01-12 Brechin Lanes BC
Brenda Luscombe 2004-12-12 Park N Bowl ON
Warren Plazzotta 2004-11-23 Garrison Lanes ON
Randy Earle 2004-10-27 Holiday Lanes NL
Darryl Osborne 2004-10-24 Bradford Bowl ON
Normand Desjardins 2004-10-21 Tri Town Bowling NO
Stephane Martineau 2004-10-21 SDQ Allard QC
Dave Pankoff 2004-10-04 Fleetway Bowling Centre ON
Reg Michaud 2004-10-03 Bonaventure Lanes NO
Ross Firlotte 2004-05-22 Galaxy Lanes NO
Randy Szucki 2004-05-07 Playdium Recreation ON
Bob Munn 2004-04-18 Broadway Lanes ON
William Sutherland 2004-04-14 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Grant Desroche 2004-03-31 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Andrew Pike 2004-02-15 Waterloo Lanes ON
Mark Jackson 2004-01-24 Callingwood Lanes AB
Dave Always 2004-01-21 Town & Country Lanes BC
Bill Drefko 2003-12-18 Borderline Bowl BC
Ron Short 2003-12-17 Avondale Bowl ON
Jeff Forester 2003-12-03 Sherwood Centre ON
Tony Redmond 2003-05-14 Holiday Lanes NL
Colin Smith 2003-04-16 Holiday Lanes NL
Dany Dubois 2003-03-31 SDQ Le Carrefour QC
Gary Ayles 2003-03-26 Bowlerama Rexdale ON
Michael Maloney 2003-03-12 Holiday Lanes NL
Karen Armstrong 2003-02-01 St James Lanes MB
Victor Fobert 2003-01-27 Red Deer Bowladrome AB
Curtis Heron 2003-01-26 Bowling Pin House SK
Marc Goulet 2003-01-21 Dickson Bowl ON
Kevin Dhaen 2003-01-12 Park N Bowl ON
Jeff Forester 2003-01-08 Sherwood Centre ON
Rick Lambke 2002-12-19 Presto ON
Russ Fullerton 2002-12-11 Glenmerry Bowl BC
Marc Goulet 2002-12-10 Dickson Bowl ON
John Gallant 2002-12-08 Sherwood Centre ON
Richard Forest 2002-12-02 Frontier Bowling Lanes SK
Scott Charette 2002-10-27 Stellar Lanes ON
Darcy Traxel 2002-10-15 Panorama Lanes AB
Derek Martin 2002-09-24 Bowlerama Bathurst ON
Connie Ward 2002-09-20 Stryx Bowling Centre ON
Cec MacAdams 2001-04-15 Galaxy Bowl BC
Bob Herman 2001-04-13 Galaxy Bowl BC
Hugh Hambleton 2001-04-12 Juniper Lanes BC
Josh Koehn 2001-04-11 Waterloo Lanes ON
James Isaac Sr 2001-03-29 Nicolanes BC
Jeff Heimpel 2001-03-28 Waterloo Lanes ON
Doug Hilts 2001-03-10 Town & Country Lanes BC
Scott Apel 2001-03-08 Dickson Bowl ON
Doug Clark 2001-03-08 Golden Mile Lanes SK
Shane Heasman 2001-02-19 Princeton Bowling Centre BC
Dave Jorgensen 2001-02-14 Eastview Bowl SK
Doug Forristall 2000-12-17 St Pat's NL
Tammy Salway 2000-12-05 Glenmerry Bowl BC
Chad Wilding 2000-12-05 Ingersoll Lanes ON
Al Closs 2000-11-11 Stellar Lanes ON
Warren Plazzotta 2000-11-07 Garrison Lanes ON
Stephen Walsh 2000-10-11 Holiday Lanes NL
Don Hlewka Jr 2000-09-28 Minto Bowl SK
Gene Ziebarth 2000-09-17 Golden Mile Lanes AB
Chris Godin 2000-05-14 Hamner Bowl & Billiards NO
Colleen Gleed 2000-05-01 Connaught Lanes AB
David Escott 2000-03-24 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Richard Gauthier 2000-03-13 Venture Lanes NO
Tim Baker 2000-02-09 Eastview Bowl SK
Kerry Sullivan 2000-02-03 Rak's Bowling Pin House SK
Deanne Elias 2000-01-25 Rossmere Lanes MB
Doug McCaw 2000-01-09 Bolorama Lanes SK
Preston Karoly 2000-01-06 Rak's Bowling Pin House SK
John Honeyford 1999-12-16 North End Bowl ON
Karen Armstrong 1999-12-14 Park Alleys MB
Steve MacDowall 1999-12-07 Dickson Bowl ON
Lew Birmingham 1999-10-22 Holiday Lanes NL
Dave Kitchen 1999-09-30 Grandview Lanes BC
Jim Telfer 1999-09-30 Plaza Bowl NO
Dot Way 1999-09-19 Clover Lanes BC
Dick Borgenstrom 1999-04-29 Grandview Lanes BC
Rob Tierney 1999-03-28 Grandview Lanes BC
Greg Peteraitis 1999-03-04 North End Bowl ON
Rick Bardal 1999-02-17 Glen Cairn Bowling Centre SK
Stephane Leduc 1999-02-14 SDQ Buckingham QC
Lyle Cutler 1999-02-14 Down Memory Lanes BC
Sean Blair 1999-01-31 Holiday Bowl AB
Paul Modahl 1999-01-29 Unchaga Lanes AB
Art Murray 1999-01-20 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Richie Beaulieu 1999-01-07 Hypertension Escape Lanes BC
Jason Procher 1999-01-03 North End Bowl ON
Gerry Thomas 1998-12-01 "J" Lanes BC
Chad Gagnon 1998-11-23 Notre Dame Bowl NO
Julien Chaisson 1998-11-20 Blinn's Bowl NS
Robert Jackson 1998-10-27 Club Medd Bowl ON
Rob Mouery 1998-10-03 Presto ON
James Mueller 1998-09-26 KG Bowl SK
Ken Blacke 1998-09-14 Valley Lanes BC
Gary Robins 1998-09-10 Kingsway Centre ON
Brian Hill 1998-04-06 Bowling Depot AB
Daniel Marchand 1998-03-24 Club Medd Bowl ON
Allan Gallant 1998-03-23 Brimley Bowl ON
Rudy Rumsey 1998-03-20 Holiday Lanes NL
Jim Mystyk 1998-03-11 Sherwood Centre ON
Steve Cummings 1998-03-05 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Zoltan Hartmann 1998-03-01 Bronx Bowl AB
Michael Penkala 1998-02-19 Polar Bowl NT
Joanne Walker 1998-02-14 Blinn's Bowling Lanes NS
James Bradshaw 1998-02-07 Leduc Lanes AB
Paul Shanahan 1997-11-26 Streetsville Bowl ON
Don Hlewka Jr 1997-11-20 Minto Bowl SK
Frank Murphy 1997-11-10 Garrison Lanes ON
Shawn Morris 1997-11-02 Stellar Lanes ON
Jay Fawcett 1997-10-25 Centre Bowl NL
Brian Garside 1997-10-18 Stellar Lanes ON
Gene Ziebarth 1997-10-11 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Trevor Hopwood 1997-09-18 Marcin Bowl ON
Dale Miller 1997-05-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Rene Fournier 1997-05-01 Whitewater Lanes NO
Roy Dunkley 1997-04-20 Rainbow Lanes ON
Stuart Thompson 1997-03-27 O'Connor Bowl ON
Matthew Innis 1997-03-20 Echo Bowl ON
Stew Vennard 1997-03-11 Dakota Lanes MB
Lynn Gifford 1997-03-07 O'Connor Bowl ON
Rudy Roga 1997-02-22 Waterloo Lanes ON
Laurie Sweeney 1997-02-16 Sherwood Park Bowl AB
Penny Noble 1997-02-02 Connaught Lanes AB
Cynthia Barge 1997-01-29 Smithers Bowl BC
Tracy Shipka 1997-01-27 Lac La Biche AB
Dan Robson 1997-01-07 Dakota Lanes MB
Ken Kelly 1997-01-06 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Mike Gauthier 1996-12-09 Baywood Bowl NO
Matthew Innis 1996-10-31 Echo Bowl ON
Judy Chandler 1996-10-29 Dickson Bowl ON
Brian Whalen 1996-10-25 Sherwood Centre ON
Shaun Butler 1996-10-17 Super Bowl NO
Bob MacDonald 1996-10-14 Bowlaway Lanes ON
Paul St Pierre 1996-10-01 Bowlerama Bathurst ON
Terry Smith 1996-06-27 Port Coquitlam BC
Shawn McGhie 1996-04-23 Garrison Lanes ON
Chester Wilk 1996-04-14 Echo Bowl ON
Vince Chartier 1996-03-20 Scona Bowl AB
Perry Gillam 1996-03-17 CFB Shearwater NS
Herman Wessels 1996-02-15 Brampton Bowl ON
Doug Gazley 1996-01-23 Rossmere Lanes MB
Ernie Bahsler 1996-01-15 Esterhazy Bowl SK
Russ Knelsen 1996-01-06 Downtown Bowl SK
Shawn Morris 1995-12-10 Markham Bowl ON
Jessica Mattinson 1995-12-04 West Park Lanes ON
Alvina Brettnell 1995-12-04 Toppler Bowl AB
Laurie Houston 1995-11-17 Valley Lanes BC
Robert Williams 1995-10-16 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Ken Schneider 1995-10-11 Rosslyn Bowl AB
Brian Edlund 1995-10-08 Valley Lanes BC
Wilf Kuss 1995-05-14 Clayburn Lanes AB
Bob Herman 1995-04-28 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Jim Thorpe 1995-04-23 Park and Bowl ON
Dave Borgford 1995-04-23 Clover Lanes BC
Harry Hawkshaw 1995-04-21 Presto ON
Bill Gagne 1995-04-01 Innisfair Bowling AB
Tom Stapleton 1995-03-27 Presto ON
Richard Francis 1995-03-19 Olympia Bowl ON
Lynn Howell 1995-03-15 Windsor Bowl AB
Mike Lacoursiere 1995-03-08 Windsor Bowl AB
Lloyd Wiens 1995-03-07 KG Bowl SK
Garry Hanowski 1995-03-01 Melville Bowl Arena SK
Clarence Lane 1995-02-21 St Martins Lanes NL
Jean-Guy Lessard 1995-01-30 Valley Bowl NO
Jonni Brooks 1995-01-29 Mike's Lanes Inc ON
Doug Potrebenko 1995-01-27 Fairview Bowl AB
Allen Arby 1995-01-05 Plains 5 Pin Bowl MB
David Ford 1994-12-09 Galaxy Lanes NO
Paula Girling 1994-11-27 Kingsway Centre ON
Bert Rachar 1994-11-26 Kempview Bowl ON
Donna Heidinger 1994-11-21 St Albert Bowling AB
Matt Dragun 1994-11-16 Sherwood Centre ON
Gordon Crewe 1994-10-25 Port Moody Lanes BC
Reg Anstey 1994-10-14 Holiday Lanes NL
Bill Roloson 1994-09-27 Garrison Lanes ON
Ken Norris 1994-05-15 Connaught Lanes AB
Harry Porter 1994-05-07 Juniper Lanes BC
Pamela Lutes 1994-04-27 Bowl O Rama Lanes ON
Roger Claude 1994-04-21 Anik QC
Gord Smith 1994-04-08 Kempview Bowl ON
Andre Petrin 1994-03-27 SDQ St Rene QC
Bill Belleville 1994-03-23 Garson Bowl NO
Michael Bates 1994-03-23 Sherwood Centre ON
Russel Baldwin 1994-03-13 Bonnie Doon Lanes AB
Ian Cameron 1994-03-06 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Malcolm MacDonald 1994-03-02 South Hill Bowling SK
Steve Wright 1994-02-13 South Hill Bowling SK
Rob Sousek 1994-01-23 Plaza Bowl NO
Brian Griffiths 1994-01-23 Wainwright Bowl AB
Byron Eldstrom 1994-01-19 South Hill Bowling SK
Brian McGillvray 1993-11-30 Aladdin Lanes ON
John Ahearn 1993-11-21 Acton Lanes ON
Bill Williams 1993-11-20 Plantation Bowl ON
Byron Eldstrom 1993-11-17 South Hill Bowling SK
Greg Peteraitis 1993-10-30 Stellar Lanes ON
Eric Rogers 1993-10-27 Winter Games Lanes NL
Tony Penney 1993-10-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Ray Chayka 1993-10-21 Mike's Midtown Bowl NO
Hugh Hambleton 1993-10-18 Juniper Lanes BC
David Stratychuk 1993-09-22 Minto Bowl SK
Marty Lamoure 1993-06-14 Chase Lanes BC
Doug McCaw 1993-06-05 Orleans Bowl SK
Carole Woods 1993-04-22 Totem Lanes BC
Stephanie Tuck 1993-04-18 Sherwood Centre ON
George Paiva 1993-04-01 Bowlerama ON
Robert Osborne 1993-03-25 Pearlgate Lanes NL
Dennis Sjoberg 1993-03-24 South Hill Bowling SK
Jack Smeed 1993-03-23 Connaught Lanes AB
Steve Sachs 1993-03-21 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Joanne Taylor 1993-03-15 Galaxy Lanes NO
Joe Kranabetter 1993-01-30 Galaxy Bowl BC
Steve Wight 1993-01-24 Bowlerama ON
Joe Wilson 1993-01-19 Grandview Lanes BC
Murray Bennewies 1992-12-19 Lucan Lanes ON
Rick Francis 1992-12-13 Arcade Eastown ON
Brad Peniuk 1992-11-29 Rossmere Lanes MB
Robin Stanton 1992-11-12 Holiday Bowl AB
Cec Brooks 1992-10-21 Melville SK
Steve Wright 1992-10-21 South Hill Bowling SK
Jim Ronaldson 1992-10-17 Olympic Lanes ON
Sharon Colbert 1992-10-14 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Gene Vickers 1992-10-12 Port Coquitlam BC
Pam Campbell 1992-04-25 Nechako Lanes BC
Bill Wickie 1992-04-24 Presto ON
Doug World 1992-04-11 Vanderhoof Rec BC
Hazel Eccleston 1992-04-08 Playtime Lanes NO
Marga Lafond 1992-03-25 South Hill Bowling SK
Roger Nantel 1992-03-22 SDQ Paris QC
Tom Kyle 1992-03-02 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Bruce Morter 1992-03-01 Paradise Lanes AB
Arnie Lamont 1992-02-28 Dell Sports Bowl BC
John Madden 1992-02-17 Crowsnest Bowl AB
Terry Jackson 1992-02-09 Edson Bowl AB
Axel Tappert 1992-01-22 Willowbrook Lanes BC
Bill Manley 1992-01-18 Dickson Bowl ON
Dennis Sjoberg 1992-01-11 South Hill Bowling SK
Terry Herman 1992-01-06 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Gaetan Beauchamp 1992-01-05 Buckingham QC
Jean-Pierre Saumure 1991-12-02 SDQ St Rene QC
Bill Lyon 1991-12-01 Ajax Bowl ON
Charlie Jamieson 1991-10-22 Mike's Midtown Bowl NO
Julius Papai 1991-10-05 Juniper Lanes BC
Brian Stonehouse 1991-10-01 Connaught Lanes AB
Etienne Cote 1991-09-25 SDQ Paris QC
Cam Heppner 1991-09-18 Galaxy Bowl BC
John O'Dwyer 1991-05-04 Candido Bowl ON
Stan Babiuk 1991-04-17 Parkland Lanes SK
Paul Boucher 1991-04-08 Brimley Bowl ON
Bob Herman 1991-04-01 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Durwin Noble 1991-03-28 Border Bowl AB
Dave Nelson 1991-03-16 Riverside Bowl AB
Denis Martel 1991-03-13 Orleans Bowl ON
Andy Heykants 1991-03-07 Red Deer Bowladrome AB
Bob Galer 1991-02-01 Dell Sports Bowl BC
Larry Lopushinsky 1991-01-30 Terrace Lanes BC
Greg Saunders 1990-12-12 Terrace Lanes BC
Dan Grant 1990-11-27 Superbowl SK
Harold Porter 1990-11-05 Juniper Lanes BC
Scott Berkeley 1990-11-03 Ace Recreation ON
Nelson Felardeau 1990-10-28 Eastside Lanes ON
Janice Childs 1990-09-13 Olympia Bowl ON
Alan Gorrie 1990-09-12 Galaxy Lanes NO
Hal Enman 1990-09-07 Lucky Strike Lanes BC
Gary Robins 1990-09-07 Kingsway Centre ON
Gail Matis 1990-07-21 Playdium ON
Colin Keir 1990-04-14 Paradise Lanes AB
Wayne Akers 1990-04-12 Prairie Lanes SK
Debbie Sandwith 1990-04-01 Grove Bowling Lanes AB
David Michael 1990-03-24 Country Bowl ON
Marion Miller 1990-03-18 Galaxy Bowl BC
Matt Dragun 1990-03-04 Waterdown Lanes ON
Doug Rowe 1990-02-25 Uxbridge Bowl ON
Doug Stack 1990-02-18 Chalmer's Lanes MB
Dave Urban 1990-02-11 Sherwood Lanes AB
Gill Park 1990-02-07 Lynnwood Bowl AB
Milan Kolosa 1990-01-26 Minto Bowl SK
Fred Anderson 1990-01-11 Parkland Bowl SK
Conway Bishop 1989-12-05 Kempview Bowl ON
Wayne Smith 1989-12-03 Markham Lanes ON
Jim Buhler 1989-11-18 Valley Lanes BC
Terry Blade 1989-11-12 Western Lanes AB
Bob Auberbach 1989-10-21 Camrose Bowladrome AB
Eric DeCou 1989-09-28 Maple Ridge Lanes BC
Doug Connerty 1989-04-15 Gratton Lanes ON
Paul Davis 1989-04-06 Plaza Bowl NO
Rudy Roga 1989-04-02 Echo Bowl ON
Gaetan St Pierre 1989-03-22 Templeton QC
Colin Keir 1989-03-06 Centennial Bowlarama AB
Don Sim 1989-01-29 Centennial Bowlarama AB
Ron Gignac 1988-10-03 Presto ON
David Roeder 1988-03-14 Waterloo Lanes ON
Bob Wilson 1988-02-16 Claresholm Bowl AB
Dan Robson 1988-02-13 Rendez-Vous Lanes NO
John Vanhammen 1988-02-12 Ajax Bowl ON
Fred Mann 1987-12-21 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Luc Duguay 1987-12-20 Anik QC
Alain Lafreniere 1987-12-20 Anik QC
Jim Glandfield 1987-12-14 04-Lanes ON
Raymond Ohlsen Jr 1987-11-16 Lynnwood Bowl AB
Alvin Funk 1987-11-02 Deluxe Bowl MB
Myles Pollard 1987-10-23 Border Bowl AB
John Willock 1987-10-18 Lucky Strike Lanes ON
Shirley Chetcuti 1987-10-17 Park N Bowl ON
Lloyd Wiens 1987-10-12 KG Bowl SK
Robert Gracey 1987-10-09 Bowl-a-rama ON
Greg Koch 1987-04-17 KG Bowl SK
Greg Dobbie 1987-04-13 Edson Bowl AB
Phil O'Leary 1987-04-04 Queensway Bowl ON
Eric DeCou 1987-04-04 Willowbrook Lanes BC
Paul Davis 1987-03-19 Plaza Bowl NO
George Lund 1987-03-05 Polar Bowl NT
Murray Young 1987-03-02 Centennial Lanes AB
Gord Laverdure 1987-02-26 Capri Sports Bowl BC
Joe Desforge 1987-02-23 Northland Bowl NO
Gord Male 1987-02-22 Gratton Lanes ON
Bob Grieder 1987-02-04 Minnedosa Bowl MB
Linda Peet 1987-01-31 Edson Bowling & Billiards AB
Henry Gaulin 1987-01-25 Fort Bowling Lanes BC
Henry Williams 1987-01-18 Juniper Lanes BC
Royce Murray 1987-01-15 Garry Bowl Ltd MB
Chris Vollum 1987-01-04 04-Lanes ON
Bob Ogusuku 1986-12-21 Holiday Bowl AB
Alex Gordon 1986-12-21 Grandview Lanes BC
Stan Sutor 1986-12-16 Playtime Lanes NO
Donald Burke 1986-12-04 Basilica Rec Centre PE
Kip Smith 1986-11-22 Capri Sports Bowl BC
Steve Stasiuk 1986-11-22 Mosienko Lanes MB
Doug Wood 1986-11-16 St James Lanes MB
Connie Dreher 1986-11-05 Sherwood Centre ON
Tom Coleman 1986-11-04 St Pat's NL
Don Schmidt 1986-10-14 Sportman's Bowlerama ON
Rick Heinrich 1986-10-05 Bowlertime Sports BC
George Ridley 1986-09-24 Juniper Lanes BC
Jim Johnson 1986-09-18 Glen Cairn Bowling Centre SK
Jim Peycha 1986-04-19 Waterloo Lanes ON
Allan Snow 1986-03-28 Sherwood Centre ON
Stan McLeod 1986-03-27 Rendez-Vous Lanes NO
Colin Hicks 1986-02-16 Oshawa Lanes ON
John Matthews 1986-01-12 Windsor Lanes MB
William Abbott 1985-12-29 Holiday Lanes NL
Bernadette Braun 1985-11-29 Middlegate Lanes BC
Ken Oldridge 1985-11-19 Parkview ON
Isobel Harland 1985-10-24 Glen Cairn Bowling Centre SK
Jim Whyley 1985-10-23 Nipawin Bowl NO
Joe Mercer 1985-10-05 Holiday Lanes NL
Ken Sutton 1985-09-24 Dickson Bowl ON
Harry Neufeld 1985-09-20 Rossmere Lanes MB
Wayne Hutchinson 1985-09-18 "J" Lanes BC
Wendy Harding 1985-09-11 County Bowl ON
Herman Wessels 1985-05-25 Plaza Bowl - NL ON
Ian Wilson 1985-04-12 Bar Don Lanes ON
Hal Enman 1985-03-29 Lucky Strike Lanes BC
Don Gagnon 1985-03-23 Plaza Bowl NO
John Douglas 1985-02-21 Mike's Lanes ON
Russel Hunt 1985-02-20 Town & Country Lanes BC
Bud Ansara 1985-02-07 Pin Deck ON
Ryan Dolby 1985-02-07 Alder Lanes BC
Mike Durant 1985-01-26 Waterloo Lanes ON
John Sargeant 1984-12-11 Windsor Bowl AB
Ron Butler 1984-11-28 County Bowl ON
Perry Rockburn 1984-11-26 Ace Bowl ON
Edward Thomas 1984-11-10 Park Bowl NL
Bruce Morter 1984-10-03 Windsor Bowl AB
Murray Shantz 1984-09-18 Waterloo Lanes ON
Jack Belcourt 1984-09-11 Borderline Bowl BC
Doug Shanahan 1984-05-08 Village Bowl ON
Gord Young 1984-04-18 Okanagan Bowl BC
Ardy McClintick 1984-04-07 Showboat Lanes PE
Peter Baleka 1984-03-11 Playdium ON
Willie McCoshen 1984-03-01 Bowlerama SK
Daniel Thibeault 1984-01-31 SDQ Paris QC
Chris Bonany 1984-01-29 Eastview Bowl SK
Mickie Keeper 1984-01-15 Dell Lanes BC
Roy Kania 1984-01-09 Bronx Bowl AB
Brian Gagnon 1983-12-29 Plaza Bowl NO
John Willock 1983-12-11 Sherwood Centre ON
Peter Holmes 1983-11-20 Waterdown Lanes ON
Glen Erb 1983-10-27 Woodstock Bowlerama ON
Willie Lafontaine 1983-10-16 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Pat Weybourne 1983-10-16 Chillibowl Lanes BC
Rick Souliere 1983-10-14 Playdium ON
Brenda Crewe 1983-10-14 Dell Lanes BC
Theresa Stewart 1983-09-27 KG Bowl SK
Genny Lee 1983-07-01   NL
Don Sim 1983-05-26 Galaxy Lanes - NO AB
Henry Beaudry 1983-04-25 Plaza Bowl NO
Vera Lysne 1983-04-15 Town & Country Lanes BC
John Renouf 1983-04-10 Queensway Bowl ON
Kevin O'Leary 1983-03-13 St Pat's NL
Doug Wood 1983-03-11 Windsor Lanes MB
Sylvain Parent 1983-03-02 B B Amusement QC
Gord Male 1983-02-20 Gratton Lanes ON
Brian Kaye 1983-02-12 Queensway Bowl ON
Geoff Born 1983-02-10 Garry Lanes MB
Wayne Roy 1983-02-06 Plaza Bowl NO
Frank Melcher Jr 1983-01-10 Towne Bowl ON
Brian McGillvray 1983-01-05 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Doug Telfer 1982-12-23 Bowl-A-Rama ON
Kevin Carlson 1982-12-16 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Colin Keir 1982-12-15 Chinook Bowladrome AB
Paul Asselin 1982-12-12 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Bob Munn 1982-12-09 Bowl-A-Rama ON
Rene Lisan 1982-12-09 Garry Bowl Ltd MB
Stan Sutor 1982-11-02 Playtime Lanes NO
Wayne Grouhel 1982-11-01 Ladysmith Bowladrome BC
Millie Shearer 1982-10-28 Rossmere Lanes MB
Bill French 1982-10-25 Plaza Bowl NO
Gene Yacura 1982-10-12 University Lanes ON
Peter Muise 1982-10-03 Echo Bowl ON
Bart Boon 1982-04-28 Billy Mosienko Lanes MB
Tom Dixon 1982-04-22 Sportsman Bowling Centre ON
Al Meers 1982-04-22 Sportman's Centre ON
Fred Dowdy 1982-04-14 Alpine Lanes BC
Andy Rogan 1982-04-03 Windsor Lanes MB
Jerry Ash 1982-04-01 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Brian Goodhope 1982-03-29 Scona Lanes AB
Ingrid Wilkins 1982-03-20 04-Lanes ON
Kevin Tetlow 1982-03-11 Bolorama Ltd SK
Rita Chillak 1982-03-07 KG Bowl SK
Dean Olson 1982-03-02 5th Avenue Bowladrome BC
Jack Helm 1982-02-17 Camrose Bowladrome AB
Dave Andres 1982-02-15 Middlegate Lanes BC
Alex Moorehouse 1982-02-14 Centre Bowlarama ON
Keith Rissling 1982-02-07 Gros Park SK
Steve Barton 1982-01-31 Sherwood Centre ON
Jim Truckle Sr 1982-01-13 Trent Valley Lanes ON
Dave Kortje 1982-01-10 Gros Park SK
Gerry Ranger 1981-12-26 Alladin Lanes ON
Armando Andreoli 1981-12-08 Grandview Lanes BC
Dan Dawe 1981-11-09 Midtown Bowl ON
Maw Mori 1981-11-02 Ace Bowl ON
06-Croke 1981-09-27 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Larry Johnson 1981-09-18 Commodore Lanes BC
Ed Holland 1981-06-13 Bowl-a-rama Welland ON
David Cattanach 1981-04-21 Sportsman Bowlerama ON
Doug Mosdel 1981-04-21 Port Moody Lanes BC
Marg Bratkin 1981-04-10 Brampton Bowl ON
Gus Scaletta 1981-04-05 Uptown Lanes MB
Hank Hof 1981-03-28 Family Affair AB
Cec Landry 1981-03-26 A & W Bowling Lanes BC
Mike Cousineau 1981-03-25 Notre Dame Bowl NO
Bob King 1981-03-07 Dakota Lanes MB
Larry Pinkerton 1981-03-05 Grandview Lanes BC
Bill Todd 1981-01-29 Holiday Bowl AB
Dennis Day 1981-01-17 Nortown Lanes SK
Joyce Antoine 1981-01-11 KG Bowl SK
Lyle Cutler 1981-01-04 A & W Bowling Lanes BC
Ron McLellan 1980-12-15 Fiesta Lanes BC
Patrick Hogan 1980-11-30 Royal York Recreation ON
Gene Dauk 1980-10-24 Fairhaven Bowl SK
Jen Irvine 1980-10-05 KG Bowl SK
Bill Shadlock 1980-04-18   MB
Victor McBay 1980-04-03 Ancaster Lanes ON
Wayne Webb 1980-03-08 B & D Bowling Lanes ON
Russ Hurcom 1980-01-20 Bathurst Bowlerama ON
Myrna Aucoin 1979-12-05 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Bob King 1979-11-25 Dakota Lanes MB
Michel Sigouin 1979-11-13 Danis Bowl QC
Marc Andre Potvin 1979-11-10 SDQ Templeton QC
Will Riley 1979-10-31 Olympia Bowl ON
Gord Male 1979-10-28 Gratton Lanes ON
David Giroux 1979-10-15   MB
Doug Oey 1979-09-13 Seafair Bowl BC
Charlene MacCormack 1979-06-17 Bowl-O-Rama Lanes ON
Dino Dalmaso 1979-05-23 Sherwood Lanes ON
Jim Glandfield 1979-05-05 London ON
Ian Wilson 1979-05-03 Pla-Mor Lanes ON
Fred Mansell 1979-04-29   MB
Lloyd Omerod 1979-04-29 Sherwood Lanes ON
Dave Meloche 1979-03-18 Pladium Recreations ON
Dave Anderson 1979-03-01 Frontier Bowl SK
Henry Tratch 1978-12-18 Sherwood Lanes ON
Peter Pardaens 1978-11-30 Pin Deck ON
Gary Carveth 1978-09-18 Lakeview Bowl ON